9 Benefits of a Steel Garage Doors

Many years ago may be you know that garage doors were all purely made of wood. The garage door industry become more advanced and introduced new material garage doors.

The variety is fiberglass, aluminum, plastic and other type of materials as well. But these variations to these materials cannot compete the pure wood as much as steel garage door can.

steel garage door

The reason is steel has limitless advantages as compare to wood. Following are some advantages of insulated steel garage door.


When you compare the duration of all material, steel will have long lasting duration.

Wooden doors decay very easily while steel last longer even in the worst weather.

Constant temperature

Steel garage doors are insulated with polyurethane which play a basic role in keeping the room’s temperature high in winter as it keep the heat in and cold out. This is necessary if your garage is made and occupied under other rooms in the house.

On the other side wooden doors will keep the room cold in winter. With steel you can enjoy your savings by keeping the hotel in winter.

Less Expensive

Beside alot of advantages steel is still less expensive as compared to other types. A wooden door will cost you double or triple to the cost of a steel door-other than this disadvantage of wooden door it will consume more energy as compare to steel door.

Safe and secure

Many homes are at risk because of the wooden doors as the one who attacks can easily break the door. They can’t do the same with the steel door. Beside this disadvantage of wooden door it can also easily catch fire. The steel door will provide fire free exit.


There are many designs, colors, texture, window styles and glass options available these days which add beauty to your home and you can complete your desires with steel doors. It can balance home exterior while giving more advantages.

Increased value

Steel garage door increased the value of your house day by day. Developers and real estate agents agree on this that insulated steel garage increase the value and price of your home in a timely fashion. On the other hand wooden door can’t do the same.

Recycled Steel

You don’t have to cut the old growth forest to create your steel doors. You can use recycled steel in more than 80 percent of the doors. Steel can be completely recycled whereas the wooden door can’t be recycled.

Window style options

You can choose customize with your choice of window styles and different types of glass to create a garage door that can be matched with any style of home exterior. It can give you new steel doors without any problem and headache that come with wooden materials.

Long term maintenance

Insulated steel garage can give you long term maintenance and satisfaction a wooden door can’t. Wooden door let you freeze in the winter while steel door will make the room heat up in winter for you. This is the last advantage of a steel garage door.