3 Different Styles of Garage Doors

You may struggle a lot to improve your home so that it become the latest style, but do you ever think about garage door? You may ignore that but garage door is a very important part that plays a vital role in the beauty of the exterior of your home.

types of garage doors

The reason behind this is in most of houses the garage doors can makeup one third or even more of the entire front façade; so giving full importance to the garage doors make sense.

Garage doors can improve the look of your home. When the garage door grows old it needs to be replaced, replacing it becomes an opportunity to dramatically change the look of your home exterior.

You can find different styles of garage door to improve your home’s beauty. Here are the three residential garage door styles you can choose from;

  • Traditional raised panel garage doors
  • Contemporary garage doors
  • Carriage house doors

 Traditional raised-panel garage doors

It is one of the common garage door styles which really become the standard because many people think of this style of garage doors.

It is featured with floating panels that can be fixed or fit inside a rail and style frame; this is a little old style but if you have look on modern version for example; the common fiberglass style , the door panel are made solid that is designed in a way that match the classic raised panel door.

This type of garage door is suitable if you want a clean and classic look for your home exterior. It is the most popular style because you can find this look in all materials including wood, fiberglass, aluminum or steel.

Contemporary garage doors

This is the best choice for every house; no other style can match with contemporary garage door style. This style mostly matches with the modern house design that is featured with clean lines and high-tech materials should include a similar type of garage door.

But among modern home styles the contemporary garage doors provide the clean, functional curb appeal you crave for the mid-century.

This also come in different combination of material; metal, glass and even wood come together in these doors to improve fresh, efficient design to your exterior of your home.

Carriage house doors

This style of doors are very popular choice among many people known by some as ‘’barn style garage doors’’. Carriage house garage doors have a distinctive, unique and rustic look that can compete with any other doors styles.

It is the perfect complement to craftsmen style or mission style homes as well. The look of carriage house doors resemble the old carriage house but with a little differences.

There is another difference between traditional carriage doors and modern carriage doors is the first one swung open manually from the center and the second one fold open with automatic openers but still maintain the charm of traditional swing doors.

Now it all depends on your choice which one you prefer and also on your existing home exterior décor. The key is to find a garage door company in Springfield that offers a wide array of styles, hardware options, colors and panels.