Garage Door Problems to Avoid

It’s very easy not to worry about your garage doors until it causes damage. Many homeowners think that the creaking sound of a garage door is something that is the problem with all garage doors. But they don’t know that these are the main signs that need garage door maintenance.

Because of this carelessness something went wrong. Most people think that trampolines and swimming pools are the most dangerous things but they may don’t know about the danger presented by a garage door.

garage door problems

The one thing that made the garage doors safer is automatic photo eye sensors but still there are alot of other hazards present. Thousands of children and adults are injured because of these garage doors each year.

Injuries caused by garage doors

Commonly children and adults got many injuries caused by garage doors but the three most common injuries are:

  • Fingers are caught in the sections of garage door; this injury is most common among children.
  • The garage body come lowered onto somebody
  • The other injury caused to the one who attempt to repair a garage door problem themselves.


Think from the above point even the one who repairs the garage door can cause injury to him, so what about others? But don’t worry with these issues fortunately, there are little prevention you can take that can save your child or loved one. Have a look on these few simple steps you can take to prevent garage injuries:

  • When the garage door is in motion keep hands and other body parts far away from it. As, mentioned in the first point of injuries fingers and other body parts can become trapped and victim of these doors that cause serious type of injury.
  • Kids wants things to do that are dangerous but keep an eye on them and don’t ever let them hang on a garage door. It can lead to a serious injury to your child and also damage to the garage door.
  • When the door is under operation never duck under it. Don’t even do that if a photo-eye sensor is installed because there is a great chance of the door malfunctioning and closing on someone.
  • Check out the garage doors and keep them well maintained. This can be done and check by garage door repair experts that the photo-eye sensors are operating or working and also to check that the door itself is working properly.
  • If you are using a manual garage door, it will open too fast or close to fast but in the case of automatic, you have to operate it by hands. It depends on the type of spring you use, you have to look above the garage door and check the cracked or cleanly split spring. After that you have to purchase a replacement

The most important thing a garage door must contain is installing photo eye sensors. In modern type of houses they have them but many old traditional houses lack these important and life saving tools that help you and your family to prevent the emergency situation of someone come in the door.