What Were They Thinking? Diana and Dustin’s Story

Let’s address the elephant in the room: what on Earth is a travel/garage door blog? Yes, we get it – it’s very strange. However, what better way to combine our love of home improvement and travel?

Think of it this way, both of us have worked in the home improvement industry for over 15 years. Everyday, we can’t wait to get to work and help someone create the home of their dreams. It’s an extremely satisfying line of work.

However, everyone needs to escape and 5 years ago, we decided our escape would be traveling. That being said, you could take the home remodeler out of us because we just kept looking at the house from around the country. How come they live so differently than us?

Nothing was more obviously different than the garage door. Maybe it was so obvious because it’s the largest entry way on the home or maybe it’s because Diana works specifically with garage doors. Either way, it caught our attention immediately.

When we started traveling, we wanted to start a travel blog, but it seemed so boring. Everyone does it so there needs to be a way to differentiate ours from the pack. That’s when it hit us, we can combine our love of home improvement with our love of travel.

That’s exactly what this blog is all about – garage doors from around the United States. We’ll go over different materials, options for different regions and even common styles you’ll see in other areas. The sky is the limit.

We hope you enjoy our crazy blog idea.

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