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Hello fellow traveler and welcome to Travel Springfield. We’re your hosts Diana and Dustin! We’re from Springfield (Which one? That’s for you to find out) but you’ll rarely find us there. That’s because we love traveling the United States and seeing how people from across the country live differently.

One of the most interesting lifestyle differences is the home. A home from California is vastly different than a home in North Carolina. There’s no bigger difference in a home than a garage door.

Garage doors are very interesting when you think about it. Garage doors come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Getting the perfect garage door for your home requires an understanding of the area and its weather.

When we started traveling the United States 5 years ago, we didn’t think garage doors would become so fascinating to us. While we both work in the home improvement industry, we figured this would be a great way to escape work and learn new things about ourselves.

Well what we learned is that we can’t escape our love for home improvement. And so, we decided to make a website completely dedicated to our travels but in a more unique way than the typical travel blog. We’re going to focus on garage doors and their effect on different regions of the United States.

This is new to us so please tell us how we’re doing through our contact page.

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How to Maintain Your Garage Door

A lot of people don’t include garage door maintenance on the home projects repair list. Adding it might save you from buying a new overhead door sooner. Try to make the most of garage door’s lifespan by maintaining the one you have.

maintain your garage door

There is not much to do and it will not take long. Check your garage door system by trying to open it without the door opener. If there’s no tension or difficulty, the problem is probably the electric motor unit. Most homeowners call a specialist for assistance.

But below, let’s look at how to maintain your garage door using the following steps.

Check your Door’s Balance

Always check your door’s balance by pulling the emergency component on the door while it’s closed. Thereafter, you will need to lift the door to the level of your stomach and it should stay that way.

If it falls, then you will need to add tighten the springs. If it flies wide open, then the tension on the springs needs to be lessened. Maintenance is not so hard, it needs to be regularly done.

Check the Metal Cables

Worn metal cables should be changed as soon as possible. If you discover your metal cables are worn, don’t try to replace them yourself. The strain might be so tight and it might cause serious damage if you aren’t an expert. Call a repair specialist to get the job done for you.

Check the Spring and Coil System

Springs are extremely simple parts that also need maintenance.  Worn out or rusty springs won’t work that well and can cause you a whole lot of problems. Check the springs. They have got a specific tension.

If they appear very tight or slightly saggy you may need to replace them. There are numerous kinds of spring systems used, and you ought to check with the manufacturer on how to maintain your spring system.

Lubricate the Key Elements of the Door

Use a spray lubricant such as lithium grease lubricants that are specifically designed for these units. Take your time when spraying the springs, the rollers, and hinges. Door grease can also be available and can be applied by using a rag.

Don’t forget to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Too much of grease may also be detrimental, rendering it noisy or triggering it to break down.

If you still do not have your owner’s manual, you can simply find a copy online so long as you know the model number of your garage door.

When you have done these things and the garage door still need maintenance, you will need to check if the damage is huge so that you can get a professional to do it.

Sometimes, all you have to do is follow a few do-it-yourself guidelines to really maintain your garage door back again. However, if you are not certain at any point on what to do, get professional help rather than risk injuring yourself or destroying the system completely.